Star Trader 3000

From "History of Trade" book in Beta Hydri library
Clark was in this business for years. Actually - he couldn't say, when he stopped with passenger cruises as well as smuggling taking real challenge as a freelance trader. This is why he was never surprised seeing another ship wreck near Mu Herculis system, well known from pirates and smugglers.
- Nick, is there anything left - asked Clark, not really showing too much of interest
- Nothing, as usual - navigator didn't even raise his voice
- What was their main trade cargo?
- Food, yes, mainly food...
- Well than.... what the hell were they doing out here? - he wondered for a second - Ah, never mind, let's buy some alloys here - said turning his steps back to the cantine
- Clark! We may have a problem... - said Nick all at sudden
- What again? I'd rather have a drink instead of rescuing some lost crew members like we did last time...
- Truly, I hope someone will come to rescue us - said Nick while his face turned pale - It looks like "Spear" class ship accompanied with "Clarinet" on our tale is trying to intercept us...
- Aha... this is going to be much more fun than any kind of drink...

Star Trader 3000 is a game based in space, where up to six players do take role of star companies leaders. Each leader has 20 rounds to become the richest of all. In this universe, where six planet systems are the biggest trade centres, becoming merchant is only one of the choices. Game system allows player also to become factory owner, passenger company leader, dark smuggler, local brutal ruler or a colourful mixture of all. Variety of elements not only allows different strategies, but also enforces players to quickly adopt their tactics to the dynamically changing world conditions. At the same time - level of interaction in between players is quite well build with randomness being almost the same for all them.

Star Trader 3000 is a fan remake of original Star Trader game published by SPI in early 80's. What is special in this game is it's unique economics that very well show the mechanisms of trade. At the top of it - players are still given variety of gaming options above trading. Original game consisted of a big gaming board with huge number of paper tokens. That made this game difficult to play, since for a game like that - it was difficult to keep all the markers in their positions. This is why - in Star Trader 3000 we decided to replace all of that with cards, boards, plastic winks and wooden elements. On the top of it - Star Trader 3000 does not require pen and paper, that was quite painful to use in the original game.
Game Content
Three star system boards
40 event and opportunity cards
12 unique agent cards
80 cards representing Space Ships and relevant modules
30 factory and warehouse cards
40 wooden tokens representing space ships
Almost 200 of tokens representing different commodities
50 wooden cubes to mark quantities
Star Trader 3000 will soon be available for print as well as for purchase through "The Game Crafter" service. Additionally - purchasing will not generate any benefit, instead - all the profit will be given to charity. This game will help The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - organization helping mainly orphan elephants and rhinos in Africa.

Game concept and design:
Nick Karp (original), Redmond A Simonsen (original), Piotr Sielimowicz (redesign)

Art Designers:

8 Response to "Star Trader 3000"

  1. mauser says:

    czekam niecierpliwie

    Rzabcio says:

    Fantastyczna informacja. Mam szczere nadzieje, że projekt nie umrze śmiercią naturalną...

    Anonimowy says:

    Czekamy, czekamy :) Póki co, zaglądam na różne fora dotyczące GK i daję linka na tę stronę. Przydałoby się, żeby wyraźnie podkreślić, że jest gotowa wersja polskojęzyczna, bo po tej stronie tego tak od razu nie widać. Tak samo wyszukiwarki na hasło 'Gwiezdny Kupiec' też niespecjalnie chętnie wskazują tę stronę.
    Powodzenia !

    mauser says:

    Jakiś postęp prac? jakieś wyniki testów z gry? cokolwiek na temat StarTradera 3000?

    sa jakies nowe wiesci na temat ST3000 badz GK? Jakies wiesci na temat wersji online? Pamietam kieds istniala polska wersja GK online, czy Ktos ma kontakt do Jej tworcow? Dzieki za pomoc.

    piteq says:

    Kurczę... przydałyby się jakieś niusy, nakręciłem się jak nie wiem :) Nostalgia...

    Czy ten projekt jeszcze jest aktualny? Czy można będzie to gdzieś kupić?

    Don says:

    Is this available to purchase somewhere. I live in USA.

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